Energy Usage:

Individuals and organizations can not control the energy price, however they can be smart enough in using  energy and reducing its waste where ever it is possible.

In today’s competitive global economy, with soaring energy prices and increasing environmental regulations, the ability to quickly analyze and closely control operating costs has become more critical. Organizations are looking for ways to lower energy Costs, reduce Consumption and minimize their Carbon and environmental impact.

In order to achieve this SPAR has introduced an Energy Management Information System (EMIS) for industrial applications and Underground Ventilation On Demand System (UVODS) for underground mining applications.

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Energy Management Information System (EMIS)

The first step in effectively managing energy is to know exactly when, where and how much is being used. This EMIS provides users with the necessary information to implement programs for reducing energy consumptions and to lower cost within their facility. 

SPAR Engineering provides Energy Management Information System (EMIS) which is designed to meet the individual customer needs with following key features:

•  Real-time monitoring of energy use
•  Reporting of energy usage
•  Web-based data access
•  Display current, daily, monthly, and 365 day usage or as required
•  View real-time data against user defined benchmarks
•  Display facility’s carbon and energy footprint.
•  In-depth data analysis.
•  Customizable performance and report generation etc.