About Us

Spar Power Technologies Inc. is the leading manufacturer and system integrator of power electronic products.

We engineer and assemble speed control equipment for a wide range of electric motor applications. In addition to VFD's, we also do DC drives, excitation systems, rectifiers, inverters systems with PLC and HMI as an integral part.

No matter what your requirement is Spar can find a timely and cost-effective solution that deliver results. 

Spar provide systems integration for complex applications complete with electrical control design, manufacturing, service, site commissioning, startup and remote monitoring for:

  • pulp and paper
  • mining metals and minerals
  • oil & gas
  •  Utility
  •  Marine
  • Petrochemical
  • water and waste water treatment plants

Our team of Professional Engineers and Scientists work around the clock and develop complex power electronics products destined for challenging applications and safety of the environment.

Spar’s team of professionals is experts in systems design and can manage any scale project, from a simple application to a complex control system with a dynamic multi-drive network.


At SPAR, we take safety very seriously. Not only the safety of our talented Engineers and consulting staff, but also of our clients and the populace in question.

At SPAR, we have a zero-tolerance policy for unsafe work practices.


Industry Links:

 Electrical Safety Authority
 National Fire Protection Association
 Professional Engineers of Ontario
 Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
 Mining Association of Canada
National Resources Canada/VFDs

Corporate Affiliations:

 P&E Mining Consultants Inc.
EHA Engineering Ltd.
 Bessant Associates Inc.

 Member of the OMX Marketplace