Spar Power Technologies Inc.


February 2024

Spar power received UL-1741 and CSA-22.2 certifications for Grid Connected Bidirectional Hybrid converters rated at 50, 100 and 150 kW.

Spar Power received UL-508 and CSA-22.2#286 certifications for Industrial control panels for non-hazardous locations this covers:

1. Energy Monitoring Systems (EMS) for Micro Grid.

2. Machine Monitoring Systems for Vibrations in three axis, winding and bearing temperatures (MMS)

3.  Underground Ventilation Monitoring and Control Systems for mining and underground garages, where high concentration of dangerous gases can exist such as Nox and Sox etc.

4. Other general control panels for industrial applications

October 2022

Jim Fernandez, CPA, CGA, LPA, CFE

Chartered Professional Accountant and Members of FY International Joins as a corporations’ chief financial officer.

July 2022

Two Altus-500 Super-capacitor modules, each rated at 2.04kWh installed on a transit bus for field evaluation

February 2022

Spar Power offers, Safe technology among lithium family of energy storage system, using Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFEPo4) cells. To conquer Lithium-Ion thermal runaway problems and catching fires.

January 2022

Application submitted to US patent office for Super Capacitor Energy Storage System (SCESS)

March 2021

Started series of Energy Storage System tests for engine starters in cold weather down to -40 Deg.C

January 2021

Altus-500 Supercapacitor Energy Storage System (SCESS) got type approval from American Bureau of Shipping ABS for Marine and Offshore applications.

January 2021

LVC3-50/60, AC/DC Converter up-to 11.9 MW got type approval from American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) for Marine and Offshore applications.

September 2020

Spar Power Technologies Inc. registered for ISO 9001:2015

June 2020

R &D project to use Super capacitors for energy storage System for Industrial Applications started.

March 2020

Varitrol-600 High Efficiency Variable frequency drives got type approval from American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) for Marine, Offshore, oil and gas applications for low (690Vac) and medium voltages (6.9kVac) up-to 11 Mega Watts

October 2019

High efficiency Multilevel Variable Frequency Drives and inverters project completed and ready for production.

June 2018

Filed patent application in the US patent office for Variable Frequency Drives.

September 2017

R & D Project of High Efficiency Multi level variable Frequency Drives and Inverter Started in Association with Simon Fraser University (SFU)