Spar Power Technologies Inc.
Industrial Sector

Industrial Sector

Applied Motor Controls for Mission Critical Applications

While many in industry have come to know Spar Power through our leadership position in low and medium voltage Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), we also offer Soft starts and machine protection system for the protection of Motors and driven equipment. Today, Spar Power is the leader in providing multi level inverter and Silicon carbide technology for high efficiency products.

When the application is critical … and the environment is harsh … remember to contact Spar Power Technologies Inc.

Industries we serve

Irrigation and Agriculture
Continuous Process

HVAC and Refrigeration
Water and Wastewater
Original Equipment Manufacturers
Mining and Aggregates
Oil and Gas


We provide electrical, Automation and Controls for following industries:

  1. Mining metals and minerals
  2. Marine and offshore
  3. Oils and Gas
  4. Pulp and paper
  5. Rolling Mills

Motion Control Solutions

The global market for soft starters, variable frequency drives (VFDs) and other advanced motor control technologies in the continuous process industries is growing at a healthy pace due to increasing demand for end use products (driven by worldwide population growth), stronger investment returns and consumer/government mandates for energy efficiency and waste reduction.

Continuous and batch process industries are usually 24/7/365 operations … controlled at the plant level by distributed control systems. The integrated nature of these processes demands high reliability starting, stopping, protection and speed control for all connected motors and machines. Whether it’s gasses, liquids, powders, slurries or solids, continuous and batch process motor control requirements are mission critical for the successful production of these complex systems.

Spar’s experience in the design, production and installation of mission critical motor controls and drives for continuous process industries and applications is reflected in every product we build. Downtime is poisonous for profit margins, and waste is no longer an option! Whether you‘re looking for a rugged, reliable drive … a pump control panel … or a motor control center: When it absolutely has to work, it has to be from Spar.