Spar Power Technologies Inc.


Increased fuel efficiency, significant savings & decreased carbon emissions


Supercapacitors have the potential to revolutionize the rail industry. Our technology can significantly improve train efficiency – reduce costs and CO2 emissions, increase energy savings and dynamics of the train. The implementation of Supercapacitor technology provides effective voltage stabilization for rail systems, greatly improves the performance of propulsion for light rail vehicles and significantly advances the locomotive engine starting technologies.

Trucks and Buses

Supercapacitors have been used in heavy transportation for many years. With increasingly stringent regulations around fuel efficiency and emissions controls, their use is set to grow exponentially. Supercapacitors are well suited in providing the necessary burst of power for starting large diesel engines. Trucks around the world are increasingly replacing lead acid batteries with Supercapacitor technology that is more reliable, guarantees starting in very cold weather and prolongs the engine starting system’s service life. Trucks can also be fitted with a Kinetic Energy Recovery System that can significantly decrease fuel consumption and carbon emissions.


Consumers across the globe are demanding more fuel-efficient, technologically upgraded heavy equipment to face construction, mining, road building or crushing tasks. Heavy equipment industry is one of the harshest for both man and machine. Dust and dirt are ever-present and a challenge for the equipment, but it’s the constant temperature changes from one extreme to the other that wreak havoc on the electronics and kill batteries. From outside temperatures that instantly freeze your breath, to the sweltering heat underground, cranes, mining trucks, bulldozers, and other machinery have to operate reliably in any conditions.