Spar Power Technologies Inc.
HVAC and Refrigeration

HVAC and Refrigeration

Applications …

Spar’s soft start and VFD applications in the HVAC industry include:

  • Chillers
  • Pumps/compressors
  • Cooling/condensing units
  • Evaporator and exhaust fans
  • Air handlers/terminal units/fan units
  • Ice making equipment
  • Cooling towers

Applied Motor Control Solutions

Spar’s soft starters and VFDs provide a range of important benefits for HVAC applications, including improved energy efficiency, smoother, quieter operation, and reduced wear on motors, compressors and other critical components. They also offer protection from damage that might otherwise occur from over current/under current and overload conditions, and advanced features that allow safe use of a motor’s full capacity within a system.

Advantages at-a-glance:

  • Significant energy savings potential
  • Reduced startup (inrush) current requirements
  • Torque control for reduced wear and tear on motors and compressors
  • Reduction of risks from impedance and capacity issues
  • Overload/over current/under current protection
  • Protection from reverse operation damage
  • Thermal protection