Spar Power Technologies Inc.
Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Applications …

Spar’s soft start and VFD applications in the oil and gas industry include:

  • Exploration
  • Onshore/offshore production
  • Distillation/refining
  • Transportation
  • Storage

Applied Motor Control Solutions

Spar’s advanced motor control solutions offer significant benefits for exploration, extraction, transportation, storage and processing operations in the oil and gas industry. Our innovative soft start systems help oil and gas operators maximize productivity while minimizing risks.

Abnormal (e.g. overload / undercurrent / high pressure) conditions caused by worn couplings, broken belts or blocked pipes place undue stress on motors and motor driven equipment. By contrast, soft starters provide gentle acceleration of pump, compressor, blower, fan and centrifuge motors, reducing mechanical stresses, eliminating costly downtime and extending equipment life.

Soft starters can also reduce starting current requirements … particularly useful in remote locations such as offshore oil rigs and isolated pumping stations.