Spar Power Technologies Inc.
Water and Wastewater

Water and Wastewater

Applications …

Spar’s soft start and VFD’s applications in the water/wastewater industries include:

  • Pumps
  • Separators
  • Milliscreens
  • Aerators

Applied Motor Control Systems

Water utility and wastewater treatment operations can achieve significant, long-term operational and financial benefits from the use of Spar’s soft starters/VFDs to control water pumping systems. In fact, the correct application of a soft start/VFD solution from Spar can protect equipment investments, maximize productivity and provide intelligent control over an entire system.

The benefits of a soft starter/VFDs from Spar include extended life spans for motors, pumps, pipes and other pumping station components, reduced valve wear for optimum water pumping efficiency, and energy cost savings resulting from reductions in water pump cycling due to pressure fluctuations. Gentle, torque controlled acceleration of water pumps reduces surge loads on electric supplies, and the mechanical stresses associated with rapid pressure changes in the pumping system. Soft stop functionality prevents water hammer, further protecting and prolonging the life of pumps, pipes, valves and head-works.