Spar Power Technologies Inc.


Applications …

Spar’ soft start and VFDs applications in the marine industry include:

  • Fans and blowers
  • On-board HVAC compressors
  • Bow thrusters/diesel-electric motors
  • Electric winching systems
  • Hydraulic power packs
  • Pumping systems

Applied Motor Control Systems

Motor driven marine systems live in harsh environments, pose unique safety challenges, and are often required to perform mission-critical operations under less-than-ideal circumstances. Spar’s rugged, reliable motor control solutions are well-suited to meeting these challenges.

Marine applications, commonly subject to limited electrical supply conditions and stringent compliance requirements, can benefit greatly from the use of Spar’s soft start and VFD technologies. In fact, the ability to start motor driven marine systems with reduced current minimizes stress on the electrical supply, and gentle acceleration reduces mechanical stresses during starting. Other features, such as Power Through and the motor thermal model allow safe use of full motor capacity while ensuring that critical processes can be completed with one SCR/GBT shorted.

Spar’s soft starter and VFD applications range from onboard HVAC and pumping systems to electrical (thrusters) and elector-mechanical (diesel-electric) propulsion.